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The East Resorts Exhibition and Book

Very reflective of the so-called "tradition" of escaping to the sea - ice cream, chips, sun, tourists and packed like sardines on the beach. This could be any number of locations from Gt. Yarmouth to Weston-Super-Mare; it is so universal.

Wonderful images that snap shot the sunny weather expedition.

Remind me of Parr, Bert Hardy and even the human observations of Joel Meyerowitz. Excellent work, look forward to seeing more!

- Paul Nicholls

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Feedback from an Exhibition

Great Photography! Loving Your work!

- The Sutton Family

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Degree Exhibition Feedback

Well done Christiaan! Love the setup and great pics.

- Kirstin G

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The East Resorts

You have caught the atmosphere of the great British seaside. Hope you expand on this theme. We look forward to seeing more of your work.

- Peter & Jo Jones

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Suffolk Coast Images

Very nice exhibition, Christiaan. The pictures capture the Suffolk Coast perfectly. Well Done!

- Ben Box