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Here are a selection of video clips I have made.  These range from slideshows to drone footage, all hosted on my YouTube Channel.


Homelands: The Wildscape of East Anglia

A film showing images of East Anglia set to the music of local band, The Magic E's.

Dam Lane Part 1

The first part of a green lane running from Mellis to Palgrave in Suffolk.

Dam Lane Part 2

Further drone adventures down one of Suffolk's green lanes.

Mellis Cricket Ground Renovations

A video showing the autumn and winter works on Mellis' cricket ground on the edge of the Thornham Estate, Suffolk.

Walking Cowpasture Lane

A walk along Cowpasture Lane, a green lane that forms part of the Saint Edmund Way, running here between Thornham Parba and Mellis Common, Suffolk.

Preloved Vintage Glamour

A short video used as an advertising campaign for vintage clothing.

Best Shots - Black & White

A short video featuring some of my favourite black & white images.

A Mellis Winter

A slideshow of images capturing winter in the village of Mellis, Suffolk.

The East Resorts - The Exhibition.

A walk-through of my degree exhibition, "The East Resorts, " documenting life in the Suffolk seaside towns during the summer of 2022.